Building Cambodia, Inc.
Building Cambodia, Inc.

Humanitarian contributions since 2000

About Us


Around the year 2000, Caldwell United Methodist Church in southeastern Wisconsin decided they were going to go global. This tiny congretgation of barely 50 members sent three people to explore Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam to determine where they could make a difference in the world. It was a crazy idea from just about any perspective. Somehow it worked. 


Over the last decade a core team of three people dedicated themselves to keeping the projects strong. Each of us brings a unique set of skills, life experience, and dedication around a single focus: we want to help the people of northwestern Cambodia in meaningful, sustainable ways. This is best explained through some of our accomplishments:


  • Over 96 clean-water wells for use by entire rural villages, schoolchildren, and impoverished families
  • Over 37 bathroom facilities to help reduce incidence of disease and improve general well-being
  • Agricultural programs for establishing pig pens, planting high value crops, and training on farming techniques
  • Installed over 15 modern PCs and provided training from basic computer use to advanced programming skills
  • Imported medical supplies including operating room instruments, suture, and a massive shipment of family size mosquito nets
  • Seminars and training on English, life skills, trade skills, science, and more
  • Established an endowment for post-secondary education with the oversight authority rooted in the community and controlled by village elders


In 2001 we branded our effort through the establishment of Building Cambodia, Inc. This will help us as we grow our projects, fundraising, and structure. We remain associated with Caldwell United Methodist Church as they help us continue our mission of helping people through humanatarian efforts.