Building Cambodia, Inc.
Building Cambodia, Inc.

Humanitarian contributions since 2000

Building Cambodia Continues to Grow

Our projects include:


  • Subcontracting the construction of clean-water wells and latrines
  • Hosting educational seminars on sewing skills, conversational English, and advanced computer studies
  • Sponsoring post-secondary education through a controlled and village-based method
  • Identification of resources to continue or expand the import and distribution of mosquito nets

We will continue to work on fundraising and coordination of select projects from the US. Be sure to check our Blogs for detailed updates on how we helped improve the lives of hundreds of Cambodian people this year.

(Jan 30, 2016) Sounds of Spring: A Concert for Cambodia
The annual Sounds of Spring concert is scheduled for Saturday, April 30 at 2pm. Join us at the Caldwell United Methodist Church in Mukwonago, WI. Our goal is to fund 3 wells, 8 toilets, educational scholarships, and more. You can also donate via our web site.

Learn more from the flier posted here: Sounds of Spring 2016 Poster
(Jul 09, 2015) Sewing Machines Repaired at Teacher Training College in Siem Reap
Hired a sewing machine repair man to do an on-site evaluation and repair of sewing machine in the Home Economics Department at Siem Reap Provincial Teacher Training College in Siem Reap City.  Six of the thirteen machines had not worked for years.  In addition two others needed some adjustments to work smoothly.  The repairman worked for two hours on the machines and took one with him to work on in his shop.  He completed the repair the following day; We picked it up at his shop and delivered it to the Teacher Training College.  Following an inventory of the supplies in the Home Economics Department, Building Cambodia, Inc. purchased 20 tape measures, five boxes of white and colored chalk (20 pcs each) for marking fabric, ten packages (of 10 needles each) of #13 sewing machine needles, ten packages (of 10 needles each) of #14 sewing machine needles, 50 pairs of scissors, two irons, three ironing boards, and 100 bobbins.  For the first time in many years, the sewing students each had a working machine and enough supplies for hands-on and productive use of time in sewing class!

(Jan 27, 2015) Sounds of Spring: A Concert for Cambodia
Join us on Saturday, April 18th at 2pm for a festival of songs to raise money for 2015 humanitarian projects. Download the brochure and poster to learn more.

(Sep 5, 2014) Building Cambodia Inc. is a 501(c)(3) Federally Tax Exempt Organization!
Thanks to the new, streamlined process to apply for federal tax exemption we have achieved a significant milestone. As a 501c3 we can now take advantage of a much larger range of opportunities for growth.
The IRS Determination Letter serves as the primary document to verify status. You can view a copy here!
(Feb 12, 2014) Pat Lyon's Debut on Sewing with Nancy
Well done Pat! The episode of Sewing with Nancy featuring Pat Lyon is now available to view online and showing on public television stations around the country. She describes to Nancy the work we have done in Cambodia over the last decade and shows of several of her sewing creations that help drive our humanitarian goals. 

See the episode online from Wisconsin Public Television:

(Oct 29, 2013) Pat Lyon will appear on Sewing with Nancy
Pat was invited to tape an episode of Sewing with Nancy for an upcoming episode on PBS! Congratulations Pat, we hope to see some of the tips you learn turn into lessons for your students.
Learn more about Sewing with Nancy on her Wisconsin Public Television website: